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NISF Scholarships for Foreign Students at Japanese Universities in Japan, 2015

Nitori International Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships for foreign students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degree program at Japanese Universities. Scholarships will be available to undergraduate students who are 26-year-old (born after April 2, 1988) to graduate students who are 28 years (born after April 2, 1986). Scholarship is worth of ¥ 110,000 per month (some students who are in high ranks of selection, can receive 150,000 yen per month). The application deadline is November 30, 2014.
Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded to study any of the courses offered by the Japanese Universities. Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate and graduate degree program at Japanese Universities. Scholarship Provider: Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Scholarship can be taken at: Japan     
Eligibility: To a person who falls in all the following items.
-A person who has the nationality of outside Japan Or “College Student” and “school”, Eligibility of applicants stage: a person who has an address in Japan.
-Enrolled grade-course
-Undergraduate: from April 1, 2015, a person who is enrolled as regular students in the third and fourth years of undergraduate study.
-Graduate students: from April 1, 2015, a person who is enrolled as regular students in one-two years of graduate school (master’s degree). 1 – 2 years of “doctoral program”, a person who is enrolled in one-two years of “Master Dr. continuous course” is also possible applicants.
-academic and health
-Is excellent in both academic, person, it is healthy. In addition, is capable enough to be willing transduction by the Japanese,
-Who can contribute to the friendship between the international and international understanding.
-Those born (including 26 years) (including April 2) after April 2, 1988 26-year-old following: undergraduate.
-Those who were born (including 28 years) (including April 2) after April 2, 1986 * 28-year-old following: graduate student
-That you do not double the beneficiaries of other scholarship

Scholarship Open for International Students: International students (non-Japanese) can apply for these scholarships.
Scholarship Description: Nitori International Scholarship Foundation aids foreign students from around the world and Japanese students with principles and outstanding academic achievements but who have difficulty pursuing studies due to financial reasons by providing them with scholarships and residential facilities, while contributing to the mutual friendship with each country and cultivate the human resources.
Number of award(s): Around 50 new students will be accepted.
Duration of award(s): Scholarships will be awarded until the completion of the program.
What does it cover? Scholarship is worth of ¥ 110,000 per month. (Some students who are in high ranks of selection, can receive 150,000 yen per month).
Selection Criteria: Not Known
Notification: Successful candidates and their universities will be notified the result in early April, 2015 (tentative schedule).
How to Apply: Applications should be submitted online.
Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is  November 30, 2014.
Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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