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Internship in Milan, European projects management

Sei laureato in economia, relazioni internazionali o studi europei e simili?
Hai esperienza nel settore della progettazione comunitaria e cerchi un lavoro da svolgere?
La Eurocrea Merchant srl cerca un/una collaboratore/collaboratrice per l’Ufficio Progetti Comunitari, che offra supporto alla gestione ed elaborazione di progetti europei.
Il tirocinio è retribuito, ha durata di 6 mesi e si svolgerà a Milano.
Candiarsi subito se interessati e in possesso dei requisiti.

Particolare riferimento a questi compiti:
ricerca ed elaborazione dati,
redazione testi e reportistica,
supporto all'organizzazione di eventi e alla produzione di materiale di comunicazione.

Il profilo ricercato deve avere le seguenti caratteristiche:
- Esperienze pregresse nel settore della progettazione comunitaria
- Lauree prioritarie: Relazioni Internazionali, Studi Europei, Economia
- Conoscenza della storia e del funzionamento dell'Unione Europea
- Perfetta conoscenza della lingua inglese parlata, ascoltata e scritta (la conoscenza di una seconda lingua comunitaria è molto apprezzata)
- Precisione e accuratezza nell'esecuzione dei compiti assegnati
- Spiccate capacità organizzative e di lavoro autonomo
- Capacità di lavorare per scadenze e di gestione dello stress
- Buone abilità informatiche e in particolare dimestichezza con il Pacchetto Office, buona capacità di ricerca sul web
- Forte motivazione ad apprendere

Durata della collaborazione: 6 mesi, da ottobre 2012 a marzo 2013
Compenso: 800 € mensili lordi (tipologia contratto: collaborazione occasionale)
Sede lavoro: ufficio Eurocrea Merchant srl a Milano, in via Domenico Scarlatti 30

I candidati pre-selezionati saranno convocati per 2 giornate di prove selettive individuali che attesteranno la conoscenza della lingua inglese e le capacità di produzione testi in lingua, la produzione di report, la ricerca e l'elaborazione di dati, la stesura di application form in risposta a call comunitarie.
Si invitano gli interessati a candidarsi soltanto se:
in possesso dei requisiti sopraelencati
disponibili a sostenere le prove selettive a Milano e, se selezionati, a lavorare a Milano

Per candidarsi
Inviare Curriculum Vitae attraverso il nostro FORM

London Met Scholarships for International Students

About Scholarship: London Metropolitan University offers merit-based postgraduate scholarships to outstanding international students who want to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University.
Course starts in February 2013
Study at: London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom 
Field of study: The scholarships support any taught Masters Degree Programmes offered at the University
Scholarship value/inclusions: The scholarship programme provides full and partial tuition fee financial support. 
Eligibility: Students who hold an unconditional offer for one of our postgraduate degree programmes and who pay international tuition fees may apply for a scholarship.
Applicants are judged on academic merit and on the likely economic/social benefit to their home country of them doing a Masters degree in the UK.   (This must be clearly demonstrated in the personal statement that the above criteria are met vidence of paid and/or voluntary work done should also be included in the scholarship application, where applicable.) 
Deadline: 31 Oct/31 May 
Application instructions: You may apply for the scholarships electronically or by post.  The application deadlines are 31 May for September entry and 31 October for February entry.
You can not apply for a scholarship unless you have applied for a course and been given an unconditional offer to study at London Met. If you do not  have an offer to study at London Met yet, please refer to How to Apply page.
It is important to visit the official website (link found below) to access the applications forms and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship. 
Further Information:

Westminster International Scholarships for Developing Countries

Brief description:
Sponsored Ad
Westminster International Scholarships are fully funded awards aimed at students from developing countries who wish to study a full-time Masters degree at the University.

Host Institution(s):
University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Field of study:

Any field of study under a Master’s Programme at University of Westminster.

Number of Awards:
Not specified.

Target group:
Citizens of developing countries

Scholarship value/inclusions:

Full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London.

You must be an international student from a developing country and hold an offer for a full-time Masters degree at University of Westminster.
Scholarship Criteria:
The main criteria are: academic excellence, development potential, and financial need.  Particular preference will be given to you if you can demonstrate how the knowledge you acquire from your studies will aid the development of your own country.

Application instructions:

Please do not apply if you have not been admitted to a programme offered at the University of Westminster. You must have been offered a place (conditional or unconditional) on a course at the University before you can apply for this scholarship.
The deadline for applications  is 31 May 2012 for September 2012 intake and 1 November 2012 for January 2013 intake.
It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


First day of internship – The Dos and Don’ts.

Remember the first day of school and how whiny you were? You would have never thought that any day can beat it on scale of the mess you created. But the first day you actually start to work in an organization can get messier if you commit a few faux pas. Here are some tips to get it right first time itself.
1. Do the necessary research.
This is something you will never regret.  Spend some quality time surfing the company website and familiarize yourself with the official policies and the philosophy of the company. This will help you to get a better idea of what your manager expects from you. This may also help you figure out some of the common lingo and jargon used in the company.
2. Familiarize yourself with the physical surroundings.
If you are interning in a new city, make sure that you will get a couple of days to check out the place. Visit the firm and surroundings in the peak time itself to get an idea about the traffic and the nearest eateries. This will result in fewer surprises on day 1.
3.Dress appropriately
When in doubt, push away all that you have ever worn to college. Chances are that your boss doesn’t share a taste in clothing with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Girls – no flashy colors, no extra-make up and nothing too revealing. Guys – clean up well, tuck in the shirt and empty a bottle of product onto your head if that’s what takes it to keep your hair from shooting up. You should look smart, classy and elegant. But do away with  three piece suits, you are not the CEO yet. Ask your HR manager about the dresscode and what they mean by casual Friday if there is one. Believe me, it has been more of casualty of late because of the lengths to which people take ‘casual’.
4.Be yourself
So you have been bitchy all your life and want to show your boss that you are the sweetest person ever born. Most people just can’t pull it off in one day. If you can, you are destined for greater things. You can not put a charade for too long and certainly not for 2 months. If you would like an improvement, work hard for one in your personality and start early. There is nothing like an overnight success when it comes to people skills.
5.Be attentive
Pay attention to what your boss and others say on the first day and take as many notes as possible. The first day will mostly cover the basic guidelines to adhere to and most companies are very particular about sticking to them. Also, the first day may also cover all the trivial-looking information such as how to solve a paper jam in the photocopier. If you don’t want to be the laughing stock for the rest of your term, learn them fast.
6.Do NOT start acting like you belong there unless you actually start doing so.
You managed to get a Google internship. Whoa, lets take the Rottweiler along. While it is true that Google allows dogs and it is perfectly ok for anybody who works there to take their dog along with them, it would be a good idea not to experiment with the little quirks on day 1 or  even in the first week. Stick around to observe how everyone is doing and start imitating only when you have learned the rules.
7. Smile
You can make or break your career with what you do with the set of brilliant white teeth that your orthodontist has worked so hard for. Smile genuinely so that it reaches your eyes. Don’t appear as if you have gone into shock with your cheeks pulled from both the sides. Use it judiciously and appropriately. IF there is one thing that can win over the heart of your boss, it is a good smile.
8. Be inquisitive
Ask as many questions as you can. But with an objective of learning rather than trying to show off how smart you are or to pull the other person down. Being genuinely curious about how things work and why do they work the way they work is  a great way to build up your knowledge and to also get noticed by rest of the team. Everyone loves to have a thinker among themselves.
9. Observation before Objection
Yes, you have the tag of the most premier education institute in the country on your shoulder and you have tons of new revolutionary ideas that you think the company must implement. But before you start dishing those ideas out to everyone or  start complaining about how inefficient or outdated company’s systems and policies are; try to understand from your manager or colleagues on why the things are the way they are. More often than not they would tell you some practical considerations which only experience can teach and which would make 90% of your ideas unfeasible from implementation point of view.
10. Have fun
While this a golden rule to live your life to the fullest, it can be applicable to internships also.It was completely your choice and you should apply only for ones that you are truly interested in.Don’t reach a judgement about how boring your internship/company/work/manager/colleagues are on day 1 itself. Even if you find the work boring, find ways to make it fun and intellectually stimulating.
Remember, everybody in your office had a day one in their lives. Don’t get upset if it didn’t go as well as you planned for. An internship is all about learning and the one who doesn’t make mistake would not learn a thing in his/her life. But be sure that you don’t commit a mistake that could have been avoided by a little effort from your part. Follows the three Ps to make most of your first day – Prepared, Patient, and Pleasant. All the very best for a successful first day and a successful internship.

Article from:

Studentischen Mitarbeiter (w/m) im Bereich Europäische Umweltpolitik

Ihre Aufgaben:- Mitarbeit an Forschungs- und Beratungsvorhaben, insbesondere zur europäischen Umweltpolitik (Schwerpunkt Governance und institutionelle Fragen)
- Internet- und Literaturrecherche sowie -analyse
- Textentwürfe für Studien und Angebote
- Formatierung von Texten und Präsentationen
- weitere Arbeiten zur Unterstützung der Wissenschaftlichen MitarbeiterInnen, einschließlich administrativer Aufgaben
- Vorbereitung von Veranstaltungen
- Akquisitionsunterstützung (formal und inhaltlich)

Die regelmäßige Arbeitszeit beträgt 15 bis 20 Stunden/Woche (nach Absprache und Arbeitsaufwand)

Ihr Profil:- Interesse an angewandter sozialwissenschaftlicher Umweltforschung und gute Kenntnisse des europäischen Integrationsprozesses
- umweltpolitische Kenntnisse erwünscht
- gute Kenntnisse der Microsoft Office Produkte (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Internet
- sehr gute Englischkenntnisse
- gültige Immatrikulationsbescheinigung (wünschenswert: verbleibende Reststudiendauer mindestens 3 bis 4 Semester)

Wir bieten:- anspruchsvolle Projekte mit hoher Politikrelevanz im internationalen Kontext
- angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre in einem jungen, internationalen, interdisziplinären Team
- flache Hierarchien
- angemessene Bezahlung

Sie fühlen sich angesprochen? Dann bewerben Sie sich bitte mit folgenden Unterlagen:
- Anschreiben
- Lebenslauf
- Arbeitsproben (Deutsch und Englisch, je max. 20 Seiten)
- Zeugnisse

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
Für Fragen steht Ihnen Frau Diana Hildenbrand telefonisch 030/86880-193 oder per Email gerne zur Verfügung.

Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 16. September 2012

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Marketing & Sales Intern

Job Description:
The Marketing & Sales Intern will gain professional experience in negotiation, presentation & communication skills, event coordination, implementation of marketing & social media and many more. All in reference to Obelis’ presence in over 40 international markets and in accordance to the European Directives & EU regulations under which Obelis operates.

Main Tasks:
Develop relationships with potential customers via calls and emails (from Asia & Oceania, The Middle East, Europe, North & Latin America); Respond to incoming email and phone enquiries; Actively promote Obelis and its services to potential clients; Negotiate terms & conditions of service till conclusion of agreement signature; Communicate with Associations, Collaborators, International Partners etc.; Actively participate and represent Obelis at international exhibitions and develop relationships in person; Organize & Coordinate exhibitions, seminars, B2B events; Create & Improve marketing materials for variable events; Coordinate online marketing campaigns; Keep Department KPIs & Corporate goals;

The successful candidate will have:
Education/ Experience BA/MA degree;
Previous work experience in the field of Marketing / Sales / Communication would be considered an asset; Fluency in English (written & oral) ;
Any other languages are always a plus (any non-European language is a real advantage)
Computer Skills Proficiency at Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Familiarity with Photoshop / Publisher is an asset

The successful candidate will be:
Energetic, with an outgoing personality who enjoys contact & social interaction;
Clear, effective and knowledgeable communicator with advanced presentation skills;
Team working spirited in a multicultural environment ;
Quick-learner, enthusiastic and open for new topics & duties;
Able to coordinate and take responsibility;
Able to take own initiatives;
Self-motivated for small and big tasks equally

Terms & conditions:
Location: Brussels, Belgium;
Period: 12-months, full-time;

Paid internship under a Convention d ‘Immersion Professionelle;

NB. Applicants must possess an EU citizenship or to be able to work legally in the EU Obelis is proud to be committed to workplace diversity

Come candidarsi:
Per cnsultare l'offerta e fare domanda consultare il seguente sito

20 settembre

Scholarships and Studies in Australia

If you are interested in studies and scholarships in Austria, we suggest to visit this site:

2013/14 Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships for the students of Asia and Africa in the field of humanities and social sciences at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, 2013/14 UK 
Study Subjects: Classical Islamic sciences, although other areas in the humanities and social sciences will be considered
Course Level: Research
Scholarship Provider: Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Scholarship can be taken at: UK 
Eligibility: Applicants should be citizens of countries in Asia or Africa. Preference will be given to those studying classical Islamic sciences, although other areas in the humanities and social sciences will be considered.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Asia and Africa 
Scholarship Description: Applications for the academic year 2013-2014 are invited for the Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi Visiting Research Fellowships.The Fellowships will be tenable from 1 October 2013 for a minimum period of three months. These Fellowships are intended to encourage interaction among academics from various traditions of learning. The Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi Research Fellows will be expected to devote their time to research and writing and to participate in the Centre’s academic activities. 
What does it cover:These Fellowships each carry a stipend of £3,000 and membership of the Common Room. The stipend is intended as a supplementary award and may be held in conjunction with other research grants, stipends, or sabbatical salaries.
Apply: By post and electronically
Deadline: 7th December 2012
Further Scholarship Information and Application:

Alfred Toepfer Scholarship Programme

The Alfred Toepfer Scholarship Programme has existed since 1996 and was expanded in 2005. It supports the final examination phase in studies at universities in Germany, especially European studies in the fields of cultural studies and the humanities, but also in the fine arts and the performing arts, architecture, agricultural and forestry sciences.
Every year, 30 to 50 scholarships are granted over a period of up to one year. Each scholarship worths € 920 per month.

Target group
The target group includes talented and committed students under the age of 30 from Central and Eastern European countries who are about to take their final examinations in Germany. Courses of studies leading up to a Bachelor’s degree are excluded. Students are expected to have a good command of the German language.

Scholars are selected by independent committees.

Deadline for academic year 2013-2014
Applications for a scholarship in academic year 2013-2014 will be accepted between 1st October 2012 and 30 November 2012.  

More information on: 

Internship: Environmental Governance Programme

Location: IEEP Brussels office
Duration: 3 - 4 months (starting on 17 September)
Salary and expenses: Unsalaried placement with local travel and lunch expenses paid (up to €7/day).

The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is a leading centre for the analysis, understanding and advancement of environmental, agricultural and related policies in Europe. We undertake work for a wide range of clients from the EU institutions, national and regional government departments in various Member States, agencies, parliamentarians, NGOs, and work closely with partners and academics on cutting edge policy research. IEEP has a full-time staff of about 25 based in London, and 12 based in Brussels, with a network of associates.

We currently have an internship vacancy in our Brussels office within the Environmental Governance Programme to contribute to a research project on the future strategic development of European environmental policy and the EU’s 7th Environment Action Programme. The intern will also support our work related to the future EU budget and the potential of financial instruments to address the EU’s climate change objectives.

IEEP Internship Programme
The IEEP internship programme aims to provide staff with assistance for research, administration and information, give students doing a Masters or PhD thesis an opportunity to get practical insights into their thesis topics, give graduates valuable work experience, and develop relations with university research departments. Interns should expect to gain exposure to current European policy issues and processes and the working methods of a small independent institute. While an element of the internship is likely to be administrative in nature, the focus is to provide interns with the opportunity to assist in research projects and report / paper writing, attend meetings with IEEP research staff and contribute to IEEP’s information and advisory services, where appropriate.

Internship Description
The IEEP Environmental Governance Programme works on a variety of research projects on cross-cutting and strategic issues within the EU. The successful internship applicant would undertake the following tasks within the Programme:
- The major share of the intern’s time will be spent in providing research and organisational support to a project on Charting Europe’s environmental policy future. The main tasks under this project would involve literature reviews and data collection. The intern will also support the organisation of a high level conference in December 2012 which will include participants from EU institutions, Member States and relevant stakeholders.
- The intern will provide research support to a project on the future EU budget and the potential of financial instruments to address the EU’s climate change objectives.
- Collaborating with other Programmes within the Institute, including the Environmental Economics Programme.
- Contributing to other organisational and administrative tasks in the IEEP Brussels office as appropriate.
Interns are normally asked to work 37.5 hours (5 days) per week unless agreed otherwise in advance; however, consideration would also be given to applicants wishing to work part time.

The internship would ideally start on 17 September or earlier.
The internship will be for 3 – 4 months.
During the internship period, interns are covered by IEEP’s workplace accident insurance, covering accidents at work and between home and work. This is not general health or property insurance.

Person Specification
Interested applicants should:
- hold, or be working towards, a degree or equivalent in environmental policy, environmental economics or related subjects;
- have a demonstrated interest in environmental policies;
- capacity to conduct literature research and analysis;
- have initiative and be flexible with regard to the tasks they may be asked to complete;
- be capable of working independently;
- have good communication skills, in particular good written and spoken English and the ability to present information in a clear, precise and accessible style;
- have good organisational skills and time management skills;
- be reliable and capable of paying close attention to detail; and
- have good computing skills.

IEEP is a relatively small organisation so, like other staff, the intern will be required to show commitment and flexibility in undertaking a range of general tasks in pursuit 3 of the smooth running, effectiveness and development of the Institute.
Candidates should either be EU citizens or have a suitable visa already in place that allows an internship in London.

Applicants should send a short (maximum one page) letter of motivation, a CV and an acknowledgement that the position is unpaid, to Annie Glynn, preferably by email using THIS FORM, or in a sealed envelope addressed to:
Annie Glynn,
Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP),
15 Queen Anne's Gate,
London, SW1H 9BU,

The email/envelope should be clearly marked: ‘Environmental Governance Programme Internship’.
All applications must reach us by 5pm Friday 31 August 2012.
Interviews might be held thereafter by telephone or face-to-face in the IEEP London office.
Due to anticipated interest in the post, we are unfortunately not always able to reply to unsuccessful applicants.

ECU International Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship

Edith Cowan University offers International Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship, Australia 2012
Study Subject: Courses offered by the university
Course Level: Postgraduate
Scholarship Provider: Edith Cowan University
Scholarship can be taken at: Australia
- Have graduated from ECU in semester 2 of 2010 (and beyond), and apply and start a postgraduate coursework program in semester 2, 2012.
- Be students who are currently in their final year of undergraduate studies, who enroll and start in a postgraduate coursework program between now and semester 1, 2014 be commencing postgraduate coursework FPON students
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Description: The ECU International Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship has been established to provide a unique opportunity to all International ECU graduates, who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree, within the last two years and who then go on to study a postgraduate coursework program at ECU.
Apply: By mail
Deadline: 21 May 2013
Further Scholarship Information and Application:

ASEM - DUO fellowship programme between Europe and Asia

Approved in 2000 from ASEM III Summit and commenced in 2001,
ASEM-DUO Fellowship Progamme has supported exchanges of professors and students in tertiary education field between Asia and Europe under ASEM domain.
Current ASEM Partners eligible for ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme (in alphabetical order)

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K.

Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Laos, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

 More information about each programme:                                                     

China-Stelle bei SWP Berlin

Promov. Asien-Wissenschaftler/in, Schwerpkt.: China
Wir wollen ab Anfang 2013 die Stelle eines/einer promovierten Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters/in, Vollzeit, zunächst befristet auf zwei Jahre, in der Forschungsgruppe Asien besetzen. Ihre Aufgabenfelder: Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik Chinas Ihr Profil:Promotion in Politikwissenschaft bzw. vergleichbarer Abschluss
Einschlägige fachliche Erfahrung, möglichst in der Region gewonnene Expertise und entsprechende Publikationen
Fließende Englischkenntnisse und gute Kenntnisse in Mandarin
Erfahrungen in der Politikberatung
Sehr gute schriftliche und mündliche Ausdrucksfähigkeit
Vergütung nach E13/14 TVöD; Leistungen des öffentlichen Dienstes. Die SWP fördert die Gleichstellung und begrüßt daher besonders die Bewerbung von Frauen. Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung senden Sie bitte bis zum 24.09.2012 an dieSWP,
Ludwigkirchplatz 3-4, 10719 BerlinE-Bewerbungen bitte an lothar-j.bucke(at); Mail-Anlagen bitte in einem (PDF-)Anhang zusammenfassen.

Job: Projektbearbeiter/in Finanz. Foerderung Kaukasus u. Zentralasien, Brot fuer die Wel

Für den Bereich Internationale Programme von Brot für die Welt - Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst suchen wir zum 01.11.2012 am neuen Dienstort Berlin für das Referat "Naher Osten, Kaukasus und Zentralasien" eine/n

Projektbearbeiter/in Finanzielle Förderung Kaukasus und Zentralasien

Im Umfang von 50% einer Vollzeitstelle Ausschreibungsziffer 93

Die Referate sind für die Förderung von Projekten und Programmen im Rahmen der finanziellen, personellen Förderung und fachlichen Beratung von lokalen Partnerorganisationen sowie der regionalspezifischen Lobby- und Advocacyarbeit in den genannten Regionen zuständig. Hierfür werden Finanzmittel der Aktion "Brot für die Welt", des Bundes, des Kirchlichen Entwicklungsdienstes sowie der Europäischen Union eingesetzt.

Zu den Aufgaben der Projektbearbeitung gehören:
* Selbständige Bearbeitung von zugeordneten Projekten von Trägerprüfung, Antragsstellung und Begleitung bis Projektabschluss mit projektbezogenem Partnerdialog
* Sicherstellung des Bewilligungsverfahrens
* Finanzabwicklung der zugewiesenen Projekte
* Umsetzung von Methoden, Instrumenten, Qualifizierungen im Land/in der Region in Absprache mit dem/der zuständigen Referent/in
* Unterstützung für den/die zuständige RegionalreferentIn in ihren Aufgaben der Programmplanung und -umsetzung
* Dienstreisen und Organisation von Partnerbesuchen
* Unterstützung bei Lobby- und Advocacyaktivitäten
* Mitwirkung in der Öffentlichkeits- und Gemeindearbeit: Vermittlung von Kontakten und Aufbereitung von Berichten von Partnerorganisationen sowie Gemeindearbeit je nach Verfügbarkeit
* Mitarbeit in Arbeitsgruppen der Querstruktur, aktiver Informationsaustausch im Referat sowie Kommunikation mit relevanten Abteilungen
* Übernahme allgemeiner administrativer Aufgaben
* Der Stelleninhaberin/dem Stelleninhaber können Sonderaufgaben außerhalb ihres/seines üblichen Arbeitsbereichs zugewiesen werden.

Die Anforderungen an die Stelleninhaberin / den Stelleninhaber sind:
* Fachhochschulabschluss oder vergleichbare Qualifikation in relevantem Fach
* Mind. einjährige entsprechende Berufserfahrung und Auslandserfahrung
* Fremdsprachenkenntnisse: Englisch sehr gut in Wort und Schrift sowie Russisch gut in Wort und Schrift
* Kenntnisse der Ökumene, entwicklungspolitische Grundkenntnisse und Genderkompetenz
* Gute betriebswirtschaftliche Kenntnisse
* Fähigkeit zur konstruktiven Zusammenarbeit, Belastbarkeit, Lernbereitschaft und Gründlichkeit
* Souveränität im Umgang mit Menschen in unterschiedlichen Kontexten
* Reflektiertheit von christlichen Werten im täglichen Handeln
* Mitgliedschaft in einer der ACK angehörenden Kirche
* Tropentauglichkeit und Bereitschaft zu Auslandsdienstreisen

Die Mitgliedschaft in einer evangelischen oder der ACK angehörenden Kirche und die Identifikation mit dem diakonischen Auftrag setzen wir voraus. Bitte geben Sie Ihre Konfession im Lebenslauf an.

Wir freuen uns über Bewerbungen von Menschen mit Behinderung.

Die Vergütung erfolgt in Anlehnung an den TVöD, Entgeltgruppe 10, nach der Dienstvertragsordnung der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (DVO.EKD).

Ihre Bewerbung richten Sie bitte unter Angabe der Ausschreibungsziffer per Email mit einem Anhang im PDF-Format und einer maximalen Dateigröße von 3 MB bis zum 2. September 2012 an:
Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V.
Personal und Soziales
Frau Marion Klinger
Ulrich-von-Hassell-Str. 76
53123 Bonn<>
Vertraulichkeit wird zugesichert.

Amnesty International sucht PraktikantInnen für den Bereich Naher Osten/Maghreb - Berlin

Amnesty International Deutschland sucht ab sofort engagierte Praktikantinnen und Praktikanten, die im Rahmen ihres Studiums ein viermonatiges Praktikum bei einer Nichtregierungsorganisation in Büro Berlin absolvieren wollen.

Wir suchen Praktikantinnen und Praktikanten, die Kenntnisse in Fragen des internationalen Menschenrechtsschutzes haben und die Interesse an den folgenden Arbeitsbereichen haben:
- Menschenrechtssituation in den Ländern des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens, insbesondere Ägypten, Syrien und Iran
- individueller Schutz für Flüchtlinge aus den genannten Regionen
- Terrorismusbekämpfung und Menschenrechte
- die Englisch in Wort und Schrift beherrschen
- erwünscht: arabische Sprachkenntnisse

Wir bieten Ihnen die Bearbeitung von politischen und rechtlichen Aspekten zu aktuellen menschenrechtlichen Fragestellungen, einen spannenden Einblick in die Arbeit einer international tätigen Menschenrechtsorganisation, selbständiges und eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten.

Über Ihre Bewerbungen freuen wir uns. Diese richten Sie bitte richten an:

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDE)

(Berlin, September 11th-14th, 2012)

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDE) is a network of
individuals, who have an interest in exploring and strengthening relations
between European States. The program is based on the recognition that the
increasing economic and political integration of the European Union must be
accompanied by sustained activity to ensure that public opinion and relations
between individual member states, and between member-states, remain positive and
constructive at the grass roots level.

Individuals can join the CDE Forum by taking part in one of the CDE Weeklong
Seminars, which are held several times throughout the year. Each CDE Weeklong
Seminar will be focused on a specific theme related to Europe and the goals of
the Forum. The Seminars consist of lectures, seminars, debates and panel
discussions that will feature leading figures from the media, international
politics & diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector. In
addition to the academic components, participants take part in a range of social
and cultural activities.

The next CDE Weeklong Seminar will be conducted in Berlin rom September 11th -
14th. In addition to looking in greater detail at the history and development of
cultural diplomacy, the Seminar will focus in particular on the following theme:
"The North and South of Europe: Two Identities with a Common Goal”

Seminar Speakers
The speakers during the conference will include leading figures and experts from
international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and
the private sector, from across the world. These speakers will include a number
of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board.

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe (CDE) is open to all relevant stakeholders and
individuals with an interest in exploring the relation between European states

Participants will include young professionals, students and academics,
representatives from politics, diplomats, practitioners from the civil society
and the private sector, Media representatives and other stakeholders with an
active interest in the Program’s themes.

Participation Cost
The participation cost for the program is 195 Euros. If offered a place in the
program, applicants are then required to transfer the participation cost to
reserve their position.

To apply please visit:


For more information please visit:

Bezahltes Praktikum im Forschungsbereich des SVR Migration in Berlin

Der Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Integration und Migration ist eine unabhängige, wissenschaftliche Beratungseinrichtung, die zu integrations- und migrationspolitischen Themen forscht und Stellung bezieht.

Der Forschungsbereich des Sachverständigenrats sucht zum 1.10.2012
eine/n Praktikant / Praktikantin (Vollzeit) zur Unterstützung in laufenden Forschungsprojekten.
Praktikumsdauer: mind. 12 Wochen.

Wir erwarten:
    * einen B.A. bzw. B.Sc.-Abschluss oder ein abgeschlossenes Grundstudium in einem sozial-, erziehungs- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Studiengang
    * Kenntnisse integrations- und migrationspolitischer Fragen und Debatten
    * Interesse für die anschauliche Vermittlung von wissenschaftlichen Themen
    * Detailorientiertes und eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten
    * Spaß an Recherchen und wissenschaftlichem Arbeiten
    * Zuverlässigkeit, Einsatzbereitschaft, Belastbarkeit und Teamgeist
    * sicherer Umgang mit der deutschen und englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift
    * Kenntnisse im Umgang mit statistischen Daten (deskriptive Analysen, etc.)
    * gute EDV-Kenntnisse (MS-Office)

Wir bieten:
    * in Zusammenarbeit: Anfertigung von wissenschaftlichen Recherchen und Analysen (u.a. zum Thema Bildungssegregation), Erarbeitung von Textbeiträgen sowie Aufgaben im Bereich der Assistenz
    * ein junges, motiviertes Team
    * ein qualifiziertes Arbeitszeugnis
    * eine Vergütung (EUR 400,00/Monat)

Bei Interesse senden Sie bitte Ihre Kurzbewerbung (Anschreiben, Lebenslauf, ausgewählte Zeugnisse in max. drei E-Mail-Anhängen) bis zum 20.9.2012 ausschließlich per E-Mail an: standt[at]

Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an Herrn Simon Lange.

Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Integration und Migration (SVR) GmbH
Herr Simon Lange
Neue Promenade 6, 10178 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 288 86 59 – 23
Fax: 030 – 288 86 59 – 11
E-Mail: lange[at]

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Traineeship at European Commission

Remember only 2 days have left until deadline!

More information:

University of Twente Scholarships for International Students

Brief description:
Sponsored Ad
University Twente Scholarships (UTS) are scholarships for excellent students from non-EEA countries, applying for a graduate programme (MSc) at the University of Twente.
Host Institution(s):
Univesity of Twente, The Netherlands
Field of study:
Any field of study offered at University of Twente.
Number of Scholarships:
Please be aware that only a limited number of scholarships are available. Only the most excellent students will be nominated.
Target group:
Prospective students from Non-EU/EEA countries
Scholarship value/inclusions:
There are two possible UTS amounts for one year study programmes and two for two year study programmes. The student can only chose and apply for one of these. The amounts stated are given per year of study.
The scholarship amounts from which the student will chose by application are:
22.500 € two year master programme
20.000 € one year master programme
12.500 € two year master programme
10.000 € one year master programme
Exception on these amounts are made for the two year study programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society, a non-technical study, for which the following scholarship amounts to be chosen from: large scholarship = 20.000 € small = 10.000 €
Eligibility/Application Requirements:
To qualify for a UTS, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:
- Have been admitted to one of the above mentioned graduate programmes at University of Twente before December 15 for round 1 or March 15 for round 2
- Have graduated with excellent results in their (under-)graduate programme, where excellency is based on overall CGPA
- Comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa.
-   Comply with the overall English language test norm Academic IELTS 6.5 (or TOEFL iBT of 90) and an additional 6.0 (TOEFL iBT 20) on the subscore of speaking skills
-  Have the nationality from a non-EU/EEA country and not being eligible for a Dutch study grant
-   Have finished a possible pre-master at the University of Twente
-  Students who are not directly admitted to a master, but will start a ‘pre-master’ programme can already apply for a UTS. If they do not finish the pre-master with a CGPA of 7,5 out of 10, they cannot be granted UTS. They must also comply with above mentioned requirements for UTS, including English language test scores.
Application instructions:
Please note that you can only be nominated for the UT Scholarship after you have been (provisionally) accepted by the educational programme of your choice.  Read the application instructions for admissions (link to application form is found here).
You cannot apply for the UT Scholarship yourself. You can only be nominated by the faculty of the university for a UT Scholarship. After being admitted to the University, the faculty may decide to nominate you for the scholarship. In that case, the faculty will contact you to confirm your interest in the scholarship. The deadline for admissions is 15 December 2012 for study in February 2013.
It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

2012 Mummert Scholarship for Master Students

Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation funded scholarship for Master students from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary in the field of Economic, engineering, Natural sciences or Tourism at Germany, 2012
Study Subjects: Economic, engineering, Natural sciences or Tourism
Course Level: Master
Scholarship Provider: Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation
Scholarship can be taken at: Germany
- Final year of a Bachelor’s degree with very good semester or one academic year or a stored results even with very good success bachelor’s degree at the home university
- Very good skills in dealing with mathematical models
- Very good German and English language skills that enable the study of scientific literature from the beginning, the pursuit of lectures and participation in seminars and the preparation of written work in these languages
- During school, service, or high school on the basis of communication skills and leadership posed clearly demonstrated management potential
- Physically active; interested in culture
- Posed to demonstrate commitment and profit.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
Scholarship Description: A grant for participation in the grant program is awarded Mummert usually for two and a half academic years. It begins on 1 October and ends on 31 March of the following fourth Calendar year. The scholarship is granted normally for one academic year. The academic performance, the quality of the semester reports, the effectiveness of participation in the development of the funding, the impressions of the host university and the Foundation’s Board and compliance with the other with the award of a grant related obligations and expectations of the Foundation decide each semester on the further granting of the scholarship to completion.
Apply: Online
Deadline: 1 November every year
Further Scholarship Information and Application: