Monday, 16 February 2015

Intern position ETUCE - European Trade Union Committee for Education

The intern supports the Coordinator for Social dialogue, Trade Unions & Human Rights, Working conditions. A part of the internship is also carried out in cooperation with the other coordinators. Furthermore, as is common for all ETUCE employees, help with other practical tasks in the office is expected.
Assignments – Social dialogue, Trade Unions & Human Rights, Working conditions:
- Support the monitoring the development of the EU education and social policies.
- Assist in the preparation of internal and external notes on education policy, labor market policy and social dialogue within the EU.
- Assist in the preparation of, and follow-up of conferences and seminars including drawing-up of reports and minutes.
- Prepare newsletter articles and other information tasks.
- Accomplish varying office tasks.
The ETUCE secretariat in Brussels is a relatively small French and English speaking secretariat, which values an informal tone, a close collegial spirit, as well as a high level of quality in its work. ETUCE organises a part of its conferences and meetings in countries across the EU, therefore travelling can be expected as part of the assignment.
As an intern at ETUCE it is required that you:
- are following an education programme and have a bachelor/undergraduate degree from a university or are well underway with your university studies
- possess high level English skills, both orally and in writing, while knowledge of French is welcome
- have an interest in education and labor market policy, union policy and EU policy
- are thoroughly versed in EU institutions and work processes.
- have good information and communication skills.
Please send your application to danielle.verschueren [at]

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