Monday, 18 August 2014

Law internship at Bright Case International Law Firm

Bright Case International Law Firm ( is actively looking for interns.
We focus on international legal practice, and we have values of equity, a solid expertise and a sense of humanism with which we want to make a difference. We offer a wide range of services, reliable recommendations, global case analysis and more generally an innovative approach to law to our clients, be they individuals looking for support on immigration law or companies engaged in international business.
Bright Case International Law Firm works for both companies and individuals, based on its solid experience, which has already convinced almost all of our clients. Bright Case International Law Firm can guarantee that its services match the requirements of its customers and respect our own values. We are proud of the fact that we obtained many of our clients through referrals from other attorneys, insurance adjusters, judges and other persons who have seen our work, and are fully confident of our abilities. Bright Case International Law Firm is constantly seeking to ensure excellence, and the only acceptable standard for lawyers / attorneys, solicitors and barristers in our network is success. Whichever the challenge, we will take it up.
Our lawyers, attorneys and solicitors have been offering the best legal assistance and legal services in many fields of the law, in various bars in Europe : the UK (London, Manchester, etc.), France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, etc.), Belgium (Brussels, Liege, Antwerp etc.), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc), Italy (Rome, Milan, etc), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, etc), Cyprus (Nicosia) ; in the USA (New York, Washington, California, Florida, etc) ; in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, etc) ; in Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc), in Kuwait, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah). Our English speaking lawyers are qualified to handle all types of cases in a local (French, German, Italian and Arabic) language as well as in the English language. Meantime each attorney in the network of Bright Case International Law Firm is an English speaking lawyer.
Bright Case International Law Firm offers the best legal services at the best prices in a wide range of areas of practice (please refer to our website for the full list). Every lawyer / attorney, solicitor and barrister in the network of Bright Case International Law Firm has a solid expertise and a recognized experience, gained over years of professional practice, and over a brilliant academic cursus, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided. Our environment is highly international and is known for its “diversity”. We value imagination, confidence, openness, respect for people, sense of humour and of proportion, and an absence of hierarchy.
As Bright Case International Law Firm is always committed to excellence, we select rigorously our lawyers / attorneys, solicitors and barristers. Bright Case International Law Firm is looking for motivated graduates in Law (minimum “bac + 4”) to work with us as interns. Please send your CV and a short covering letter at Note that unfortunately the position is unpaid, but there are possibilities for evolution.

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