Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Intern - Law and Corporate Affairs

Organization Description:
SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs is specialized in public affairs at EU and French levels. Its unique strategic configuration combined with the expertise of its team enable it to handle the legal, regulatory, administrative and institutional aspects in connection with the European operations of an organization. We assist clients in: 
Understanding and managing the legal, political and institutional dimensions of their sector of activity; 
Setting up a policy of institutional integration and optimizing the regulatory environment; 
Establishing and/or making the most of Public/Private dialogue.
Internship Missions:
Monitor EU policies of concern for our clients, mostly in the areas of digital single market, economic and financial affairs, tax, transport;
Monitor evolutions of the EU political and institutional environment;
Assist the team in the elaboration of legal and / or policy briefs and analyses,
Participate to the overall execution of our clients’ public affairs strategies at EU / French levels;
Attend and report on conferences and seminars related to the public policies of concern.
Very good knowledge of the EU institutional environment as well as a great interest for EU public policies;
Excellent writing skills in English. Fluency in other languages, preferably German, is an advantage;
Ideally working towards obtaining a degree in relevant fields such as political sciences or law;
Previous experience in an EU institution or an EU association is an asset;
Reliable, self-starter personality.
Signing a training agreement (convention de stage) between our firm, the intern, and the latter’s university or a law /professional bar school is mandatory;
To apply, please send us your CV and a cover letter, mentioning the reference “Internship Brussels 2018” at the following address:;
The internship is remunerated;
Period of the internship: as soon as possible for a maximum six-month period.

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