Friday, 21 April 2017


Business and Strategy
3 years
Minimum Age
UK Wide
Spaces Available
£18,000 per year
2 months ago
Closing Date
2 months from now
When you join IBM as an Apprentice we have your long-term professional career in mind and from the day you join us you’ll be a permanent employee. You’ll also gain either an ICT or Business Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship qualification, and you’ll be part of one of the world’s leading technology companies.
We offer Apprenticeships in both Business and Technology and with a variety of different roles available we’re bound to have something to suit you. You’ll work with some great clients, too – big names in virtually every industry you could think of. Salaries start at £18k and our benefits package is highly flexible so it can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and personal circumstances.
You’ll be deployed onto a challenging work placement, where you’ll support and learn from experienced professionals across IBM. That could be in any area across the company. During your year you’ll have a great support network. For the day-to-day things, you’ll have a Task Manager who’ll help you with new tasks, manage your workload and give you the opportunity to get involved. You’ll also have an Early Professional Manager looking after your ongoing development and your future career plans.
Business Roles:
If you are looking to explore how a business works and learn what makes it successful, then our Business Specialist role is for you. This is an opportunity for you to develop your conscientiousness and curiosity with an in-depth training programme which will help you perform effectively in your role. With the support of your team, you will develop commercial awareness which will enable you to take on roles within project management, HR, operations and delivery. You will become a valuable member of the project team, building on skills from communication and adaptability to planning and organisation. Your contribution will allow our clients’ businesses to be as effective and successful as possible.
Technical Roles:
If you love to apply logic to a problem and have a passion for technology, then our Technical Solutions Specialist role is a great fit for you. You will work collaboratively with you team who will support you as you learn to build, design, test or implement systems; or you might be a field engineer, travelling to meet clients, fixing their hardware issue and getting their business up and running again. Or you may be an architect developing, advising and transforming client infrastructure to take advantage of the latest cloud solutions. Any role you have, you will get real hands on experience.
Throughout the in-depth training programme you will develop core technical and personal skills which will allow you to support IBM’s clients. We are looking for enthusiasm and imagination and will support you as you grow in confidence and get involved in IBM’s exciting and innovative range of products and services.
What we look for (GCSE grades be changed for futures but 2 years in higher education is the same)
5 GCSEs at Grade 5-9 (including Maths and English Language)
Must have obtained 64 UCAS points (or equivalent) in higher education (A-Levels of Equivalent)
You don’t need any work experience, just a passion for business and technology
Energy, creativity and passion are really important to us. We also work in teams all the time, so you need to be someone who’ll thrive in that kind of environment – a great communicator and someone with the ability to lead others. There are other characteristics we look for, too. We call them competencies – think about whether, and how, you can demonstrate them during our application process. We look for eight specific competencies during our Application Process: Adaptability, Communication, Client Focus, Creative Problem Solving, Drive, Teamwork, Passion for IBM and Taking Ownership.

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